Early Years Curriculum

Early Years Curriculum (IEYC)

What is International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC)?

The IEYC is a comprehensive and contemporary curriculum solution encompassing all areas of learning relevant to the early years, kindergarten and pre-school.

A perfect tool for the transition phase, the IEYC helps to establish a seamless link between early years and primary education.


The IEYC’s learning focus provides breadth and depth of learning within meaningful experiences, unlocking the potential in each child and featuring support provided from the home, to create the foundations for future learning and success at school.


Learning/ teaching process:

Process to facilitate learning

The IEYC Process to Facilitate Learning has been carefully developed in response to current evidence on learning in early childhood, acknowledging the benefits of the child being in a planned and responsive learning environment with ongoing involvement from their family. 

A learner- focused progressive pedagogy

The IEYC progressive pedagogy is playful, promoting high levels of child well-being and involvement and helping teachers to respond to child-initiated expriences through learning- focused interactions and sustained shared thinking. 


Reflective Practices for Improving Learning

IEYC Reflective Practices for improving learning help create a school culture of looking for and discussing learning. These have been designed to support teachers in understanding children´s pathways of learning, enabling teachers to adapt activities and environments through creative and strategic thinking.

The IEYC’s approach to reflective practices provides teachers with materials to broaden and deepen reflections on learning, specifically with the learner in mind.

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