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Australian teachers in practice at the British Royal School
Six Australian students in Bachelor Education courses from Deakin University have been in our school for 3 weeks. Their names are Meaghan Steffen, Anita Harris, Dana Schache, Kirby Lambert, Sophie Hartman-Smith and Demy Hall. Before they left the school, we interviewed them to know more details about this international experience and how they felt in the British Royal School.

Meaghan Steffen comments on her reasons why she decided to come to Chile “The 2017 Global Education Program offered at Deakin University allowed students to take part in an exchange in a number of different countries including Chile, Nepal, Switzerland, Vanuatu and the Northern Territory in Australia. The process included firstly choosing a destination, a written application of why we want to take part in the program, why we want to go to our chosen country, what we think we will gain from this experience etc. Then lastly a group interview. Chile was my first preference in this program as I knew very little about the country and wanted to experience and learn about the Chilean people and its culture”.

Another student, Dana Schache, also mentions that “BRS has been so welcoming with all teachers making me feel wanted within the classroom. I have been very lucky with most of my classes as I have been able to teach and get to know the students so well. Although the language barrier with the students provides a challenge I found in most cases I was able to get across what I was trying to say. Class 2B was my main class and they have been great students as I feel I have been able to contribute to their learning of English and maths but they have also helped me with my Spanish. Every single day in that classroom the students and teachers have made me feel welcomed and appreciated.”

In reference to the English level of our students, all these prospective teachers agree with Sophie Hartman-Smith who believes that “anyone who can speak or understand two languages is very lucky. The students speak English extremely well, and they should be very proud of themselves”.

In addition to this Anika Harris shares her opinion about the differences and similarities in the learning environment between Chile and Australia.


· Uniform

· Classroom layout (cluster format with chairs and tables)

· Use of interactive whiteboard

· Facilities that support sporting activities


· Australian schools discourage continual use of textbooks and unidirectional teaching.

· Most Australian schools do not provide lunch on trays (we have a canteen, but only includes packeted meals)

Finally, the Australian teachers left a warm message to all our students. On behalf of them, Meaghan Steffen said “I would just like to say a massive thank you to all of the staff, students and school community for welcoming us into the British Royal School. Especially the students, who were overwhelmingly positive and excited to have us all in the classroom. Their efforts to communicate and get to know us, as well as learn content through an unknown teacher was greatly appreciated. Each day I was beyond excited to see the children and learn the Spanish language, whilst knowing that I am reciprocating by teaching them English. I absolutely love each and every student and I wish them all the best for the future and all of their endeavours”.

We would like to thank them all for their dedication and affection towards our students and our staff. We´ll miss them a lot.