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"Never give up" that was the advice of the Olympic Triple Medalist to the students of the BRS
The triple Olympic medalist , Deedee Trotter started her presentation at the BRS with the background music of Beyoncé "Run the world". From the first moment there was a proximity of our students with the athlete. She made them feel comfortable generating a participatory and close dialogue with them. Every time the athlete approached and made demonstrations of how she made her career games, the children stood from their seats to see the giant strides or "piques" that recreated her skills in the most acclaimed tracks of the world.

DeeDee won the gold medal in the post 4x400 of the Olympic Games of Athens 2004; With her team she repeated the feat in the disclosures of London 2012 and was finally, in this same English capital that she also obtained the bronze medal in the individual test of 400 meters, being this last competition the most important of her life.

She focused the main motivation of the students in her last race and she explained that "by the definition of champion, I failed to get third, but that medal is worth more than the others because it is an example of effort."

What looked like a sporting race almost without problems, was filled of obstacles for DeeDee due to the fect that since 2008 she had a severe injury in her knee. The doctors had told her that she needed surgery and that she would never repeat her athletic feats, like those achieved in 2004. In that moment, she took out what she called her "inner champion".

"Many people advised me to retire, nobody believed in me, but each race was a challenge that pushed me to continue," she said.

After the surgery she arrived last in three races, but slowly she improved her times, which maintained her motivated. "Pressure can crush you if you put it on your head, but it can also give you strength if you put it behind you," she said.

"I can, I must and I will"

The formula developed by the triple Olympic medalist to change that situation, and shared with our students, consists of three steps. First, to write dreams ("on paper, not the cell phone, because it is easy to erase"), then repeat them in front of the mirror and finally, tell them to the largest number of people ("To create positive pressure in your environment, which will push you to do what you have planned").

As her medals passed from hand to hand among our students, the athlete summarized her learning in three concepts: "I can, I must and I will".

Then the smiling and cheerful DeeDee told our students what she has been up to since her retirement in 2016. "People wonder what an Olympic medalist can do. The answer is to make cakes" she explained about her latest pastry activity, while showing us some images of her latest cakes. Do you know what my new project is called? The students starterted to say "Deedee’s Cakes" "Taste DeeDee". She answered “The athletes have the tradition to bite their medals”, so the name of my undertaking is "Taste like Gold". "I feel motivated by this new dream. Always remember, never give up your dreams, even if it is difficult to keep trying."

With closed applause, Deedee finished her talk leaving all the students motivated and admired. Finally she stayed for one hour patiently taking selfies with our students and signing autographs.

We thank Deedee for her tremendous human quality and for her time to share her experience and life story with our children. We extend our thanks also to EF for bringing Deedee to our school.

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