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The author of the books "Super Minds" and "Think" came today to our school
Dr. Herbert Puchta is an ELT author and an international teacher trainer who has given international conferences, seminars and workshops to teachers in more than 50 countries around the world. Dr Herbert Puchta is currently Professor of English at the Teacher Training University in Graz, Austria.

Herbert Puchta is also a master practitioner in neurolinguistic programming. For almost two decades, he has researched the practical application of cognitive psychology in EFL-teaching.

Dr. Puchta is the author and co-author of different books. Some of them are Super Minds that we use in Junior school from 1st to 6th grade and Think that is used in Senior school.

Today he visited our school to give our teachers strategies to teach English to our very young learners and young learners.

Some of the topics he included in his lecture were:

- The difference (s) between very young learners and young learners.

- What is the best age for learning another language?

- Key principles for teaching pre-primary children.

- Looking into classrooms: the qualities of natural interaction.

- Successful strategies for teaching young learners - powerful ways to step up students learning outcomes.

Herber was emphatic in pointing out that we cannot say exactly what the best age for learning English is. What we can say it is better to generate quality interactions than quick learning.

He also mentioned that there is no evidence that learning a new language "too early" might have a negative impact on L1 development. In fact early language learning can have a positive influence on children s cognition. Also an early start can foster childrens attitudes and motivation, thus have a positive effect on their proficiency later on. In that way, teachers need to apply an age-appropriate methodology.

We are deeply grateful to Cambridge for the opportunity of having Mr. Puchta s exclusive presentation at our school. Without any doubt, this session will help us to make our teaching more efficient and more enjoyable for our students.

Pd: on our facebook you can see some videos of Mr. Puchta s visit.